Lookin out my door – Creedance Clearwater Revival

A fully animated pre-MTV version of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Lookin Out My Door”

Sing Up

Studio AKA Director, Steve Small designed an array of notable characters, including our hero ‘Tone’ – who, although not yet fully developed – is encouraged to join in with the melody of his peers..

Josephine Baker’s Love for Paris

Learn about the accomplishments of Josephine Baker in this quirky animation by Culture Trip


Lovely animation over live action from Digit & Ben Collier-Marsh

Join Motionographer on Patreon: Directors Cut

For as little as $2 a month, join the motionographer Patreon community and shape Motionographer’s future!

The LooseKeys Creative Process

A fun animation from LooseKeys on their creative process utilizing a fun line art style.

At least what I think

A personal project from Nas Alhusain detailing her observations on creativity.

GTA Vice City- Pet Stuffers

A personal project from Simon Tibbs paying homage to his all time favourite GTA radio advert, featured on Vice City.

Underlying Calm – Headspace

In this quirky animation, Headspace’s co-founder, Andy Puddicombe, describes the stillness that’s present in all our minds.

Stand Up To Cancer

3D animated commercial directed by Smith & Foulkes
Their world is in the grip of a lethal outbreak. A mysterious blue substance is leading to catastrophic destruction. Who is behind it all?
Its Payback Time was launched for 4Creatives campaign to promote Stand Up To Cancer.

Ant and Dec are #Feelingnuts

Lot’s of animation styles combined to create this quirky animation to raise awareness for testicular cancer. Great work from StudioAKA

Remember Its Waterproof – Dont Assume

One of 6 short films by Slurpy Studios for RIW (Remember It’s Waterproof).
Each film was created to explore a common mistake in the waterproofing process, and to show architects and builders the potential consequences of not doing it properly. They are a funny and tongue in cheek way of talking about quite a serious and technical problem.
They are designed in a 1950’s ‘UPA’ style, with strong character profiles, no straight lines and a carefully designed colour palette. The animation is fun and cartoony, with ‘rubber-hose’ limbs.

Comic Relief #FundEducation

Commissioned by Harvest Digital on behalf of Comic Relief and the Global Partnership for Education (GPE), Slurpy Studios worked with Who Are They Productions to produce a short animated film piece to promote the GPE Education Campaign at the UN General Assembly.

You Asked For It

Quirky and fun cell animation over taking heads


Animated intro video for MediaMolecule’s Twitch stream combining live action with playful animation.
Animation/Direction: Dan Castro
Illustration: Rex Crowle

Pinky Toe

Joyful little animation from Mathieu Libman – which showcase a wide range of styles and techniques.


Parallel Studio set off an animation challenge to create the most annoying, disappointing and unsatisfying short segments. A nice use of gradients, texture and two-tone lighting add a modern twist to simple flat animations.

Information is precious

This is na lovely little character piece from Gorilla Gorilla! for Informa about keeping online information safe.

NPR – Brains on Play

A playful informative film by the talented Xaver Xylophon for the National Public Radio. It mixes graphics with comedy in a digital painted style much like his other film “For Hire Bangalore Rickshaw

Goldfish Grahams

Nice work from Shilo, based on simple handdrawn animations tracked to a breakfast scene.

I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up

Dave Fothergill experiments with the Maya plugin “Miarmy” used in many an action film. Animations, collisions and rag-doll effects make for oddly soothing viewing.

Fight for Everyone – The Leisure Society

Music promo for The Leisure Society by Persistent Peril. Simple idea beautifully crafted, getting more complex and quirkier as the track builds.

Work Inspired

An explainer video for Mindjet. A typical infographic script, but a character centred twist and clever transitions give it a different feel.

Tiny Worlds

Nice short by Rushes, experimenting with mixing live action with animation. Very cleverly and professionally done. Check out the others in the series on vimeo.

Augmented reality – Bus Shelter

Pepsi Max surprised commuters in London with a series of augmented reality screenings and then putting this film together after their recording live reactions

Oscar Health Insurance

Flat coloured 2D animation but cleverly animated to give a 3D feel. A warm colour scheme and soft shapes give it a welcoming feel.

Samsung Galaxy

Hand drawn cartoon elements tracked on to nicely shot footage of Paris, gives a friendly upbeat feeling to an urban landscape.

The Sun – An Ode to Telly

A Big mixture of CGI, stop motion, animation and live action seemless mix in this crafted advert for the Sun.


A subtle mix of 3D into the retro spooky styling by using painted textures on the 3D models. The look is spooky with an old film feel.

Bless you

Short animated film by Philip Watts combining ’tilt shift’ cityscapes, traditional animation and some great little visual effects. Beware of the little green monster.

Anchor – Great Escape

We’re just about to embark on a project involving use of fuzzy felt and came upon this directed by Tony Mines for Tandem Films in Homage to the Steve McQueen motorbike sequence from ‘The Great Escape’.

Electronic recycling

A mad conveyor belt animation from Tendril, Toronto.

Disney Recycling

Disney Recycle

A charming film by Grant Orchard using papier mache and lo-fi props to make this hand-made cardboard video on recycling.

Sony Spin Countdown

Mixing simple live action with animation to create 10 small colourful numerical idents.

MPs: Are the still at it?

Quirky puppet style animation added a comical twist to the outrageous expenses scandal. Illustrative styling and cut out photos allowed a mix real people without being too liable for Channel 4.
[flowplayer src=’http://td-sketchpad.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Dispatches-MPExpensesClip.mp4′ width=485 height=272 splash=’http://td-sketchpad.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Screen-shot-2012-11-28-at-11.04.20.png’]

Dumb Ways to Die

A find by Mr. Rob Edmonds about rail saftey using quirky block coloured 3D animation to give a graphic flat traditional styling.

Paris vs. New York

Animation based on Vahram Muratyan’s stunning book of illustrations, very flat simple and graphic and colourful.
By Nord

Nick and Norah's Infinate Playlist

‘High School’ doodles animate in to provide a young naive feel to the hand-drawn titles.

Moleskin: Lego Pitch

Simple animated lego characters sit on an environment of an animated moleskin background. Fun and quirky with simple but sophisticated animation.

Secrets of the Taxman

We used quirky animation and a mixed paper layout to roam across individuals and details in for Dispatches’ investigation into HMRC. Elements are drawn appear with marker pens to direct the viewer to different areas.
[flowplayer src=’http://trainordaviesdesign.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/hodkinsonGFXv4.mp4′ width=485 height=272 splash=’http://trainordaviesdesign.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/Screen-shot-2012-07-04-at-18.03.58.png’]



Winner of the best use of displacement map/compound blur ever – Micaël Reynaud, with portraits by Michael Jang. Stay with it, kids.

Face Substitution

Real time face-substitution by Kyle McDonald: Continue Reading →

My Best Friend Plank

Cartoon Network ident using retro stylings and parallax manipulation of photographs.

The Dashboard

The Dashboard

A Smörgåsbord of mini web activities.
Try for yourself.

Bored to Death title sequence

Titles for american sitcom using text from a book to animate the characters and type throughout.

Bacardi – Manifesto

Colourful mix of live action and flat shaded 3D animation in a faux-educational style.

Is Tropical

Music video mixing live action children with composited cartoon animation for a fun and playful outcome.