Race for The White House

Dave Penn directed this animation (along with Jellyfish and Sixfingers) for a six-part CNN documentary series concerned with what went on behind the scenes during key presidential campaigns in U.S. history. Sponge paint mattes provide nice transitions for cleverly laid out photographs.

A Good Wife

Interesting tale with limited animation but with great visuals and lighting directed by W. Scott Forbes.

The American Beer Revival

Solely text leads this short conveying facts about the American brewing industry. The nicely placed text and font choices manages to keep the interest.

Cracker Barrel

Clever use of super-imposing and tracking for this advert. Using boxes to separate action and have elements interact between them in a rustic setting.

Nick and Norah's Infinate Playlist

‘High School’ doodles animate in to provide a young naive feel to the hand-drawn titles.

Jack Daniel's Label Story

3D animation matted on to a flat black texture to give a 2D imprinted look Continue Reading →

Captain America

Title sequence using image mapping of 2D paintings on to 3D objects.


Dexter’s titles include extreme close-ups to get a dramatic feeling of intensity.

Six Feet Under

Classic title sequence using live action footage placed carefully with credit typography

Gettysburg Address

Text and animation added together to form the speech without any photos or footage.