Porsche Mission X – Reveal Film

Porsche’s all-electric Mission X concept car (claimed to be the fastest road-legal car ever) receives an appropriately spectacular unveiling courtesy of directors Ole Peters, Axel Brötje, and the Sehsucht design and motion team.

Atlanta Hawks 17-18 Game

A fast-paced edit of graphics, images of Atlanta and the players from the Hawks Basketball team.

DJ shadow – Stage Mapping

I think stage mapping is a new term for providing video installations but looks cool.

Lennox – Air Con

Interesting mix of 3D projected, at least appearing to be projected onto live action.
Production Company: Pecubu Productions, Inc.
Director: Andy Hall

In Plain Sight titles

A surprisingly effective sequence considering that our brains seem to suggest that there’s more there than there is.  Not sure who the creative is but will update this post when we find out.

Organic Machines

Beautifully crafted  title sequence by Beijing visual designer Zaoeyo (aka Xiaolin Zeng, aka Mike Zeng) detailing insects constructed with glassy, organic materials.

Eva Film titles

Titles by Dvein, fromthe Spanish film director Kike Maíllo’s retro-futuristic sci-fi thriller.


A Short Animation Inspired by the Works of İlhan Koman with video and sound design by Candas Sisman. Its quite hypnotic once it gets going.


Branding idents for the tv channel with a high female demographic. Shiny things, lipsticks, handbags, all that stuff girls like.

4seven idents

More difficult than you would imagine to make. Rotating landscape cube.

Toyota IQ collisions

Manvsmachine created these 10 abstract collisions for Toyota sponsorship for C4 programming.
Production company:Nexus & Audio: Echolab

Amsterdam Paintings

A fine piece of work by agency ‘plus one’ using a collection of techniques to attempt to get under the paint of these collection of works, in this case on the story of Amsterdam, Holland.

The Boy with the Incredible Brain

Graphics from the documentary, focusing on light and refraction.

Blue Valentine

Title sequence using lights as a matte to reveal photography. Simple yet effective.

Honda Civic Split Screen

Cut up video and many split screens create this Honda advert

TWS Pitch

Pitched idea, coming from a reflective idea, emitting the images of sport off the dark black emerging cubes. By placing the sports footage in different 3D spaces the images reflected and combined on different surfaces.

Sky Idents

2009 Refraction idents by MoveMakeShake.

AOL. Ident

Simple ident using coloured spheres on a white background to reveal a logo.

M6 Branding Idents

CGI glass logos added into different environments in order for a variety of branding tv channel idents.

Sky Sports Idents 2010

Sky Sports idents mixing live action footage with CGI smashing glass. The figures were rotoscoped and added into 3D environments.

Refraction – Jesse Zanzinger

Shot through oil and water to create reflections and simple refraction in a live action experiment.
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Colourful animation using nothing but a sphere and colours.