The Road to Rio

Art and Graft produce another carefully design short promoting the Olympics in collaboration with the Lottery and ITV. A pleasant mix of 2D and 3D rendered seamlessly in a coherent design style.

Facebook at Work

Clim from Sebas & Clim fame has now gone solo and produced this nice infographic for Facebook. It’s wonderfully designed as ever but it’s the seamless integration with CGI and shot photography which sets this infographic away from the others.

The Idea Machine

CGI model of an imaginary machine creating ideas. Bright colours and cute extras add a light charm to a heavy metal object.

Safe and Free

Gentleman Scholar recreate the gracefulness of a large humpback whale in the freedom of a forest to promote Whale and Dolphin conservation. A technical video of some before and afters of the realistic CGI process can also be found on their site.

BBC – My City

Short sting for the “Havana” section, using flat colours in 3D with wonderful camera movement to transition.


An isometric style animated short film with glossy plastic texturing which has character moments and infographic moments. Lovely colours and lighting.

The Scarecrow

The team behind the hugely successful Chipotle film (watch it here) are back with a new film in shiny CGI. All big budget stuff here.


A subtle mix of 3D into the retro spooky styling by using painted textures on the 3D models. The look is spooky with an old film feel.

Cutty Sark returns

Really well captured insight into the Greenwich community and the return of the Cutty Sark after it has been restored after the fire which almost destroyed it some years ago. Apparently the work is from Armoury London and the compositing was done by Rogue Collie in Wales.

BBC 2012 Euro titles

Battles of the badges in this new animated title sequence for the Euros.

Where things come from

My weakspot, flat coloured isometric graphics. A couple nice transitions and I’m sold. Graphics, people, graphics.

Chipotle: Back to the start

John Kelly’s film advertising for Chipotle. Using simple character animation and flat colouring turns a narrative quite graphic look for a stop-frame film.

Hyper Geography

Hyper Geography

A short film compositing footage, tracking photography and including 3D elements across a variety of landscapes.

The gift – CGI stylish short film

Very clever and atmospheric short film with very high production values directed by Carl E. Rinsch.

Jack Daniel's Label Story

3D animation matted on to a flat black texture to give a 2D imprinted look Continue Reading →

Secret Island – Monophon

Ooo, I do love a cross section.

Movida Corona

Simple camera movements on a well-lit 3D model provide slick visuals.

The playground fight

What appears to be a great piece of motion capture was actually created using stills which were then applied to 3D models of human heads to create the idea of cameras moving around frozen action.

Mercedes-Benz Oil

Animation morphing CG oil to create shapes and settings for animation and archive footage.

Honda Jazz

Playful surreal advert using 3D to follow a family’s journey through the sky and into the building of car.


8bit style isometric animation with flat colours in 3D.

Genesis Creative Narrative

CGI animation documenting the creation of the earth in a scientific way, yet narratively based around religion.

Siminn TV

Advert using film frames and alot of 3D to create a fast-paced adventure through their TV programming.

Drugs on the Brain

Medical CGI sequences explaining the effects on drugs within the body.
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Sunday Times TV adverts

Simple branding idents, placing the icons in different environments. Also has some nice split screen action later on.

Resonance – Necrosis

Dark, creepy animation with an alien and biological feel, black and white.