Squarepusher “Terminal Slam” by Daito Manabe

Japanese digital artist and director Daito Manabe’s latest collaboration with UK electro-master Squarepusher

Sector SPDRs ETFs

Some really nice 3D popup animations integrated into live action shots here, from Martijn Hogenkamp.

Coca-Cola “Mural”

Time for a Coke break?

Teaming up with Psyop directors/founders Todd & Kylie, Golden Wolf designed and animated three dynamic graffiti-inspired characters, spraying their way across a city in search for the perfect thirst-quencher.

Saucony Geometry of Strong

Some great technical tracking work in this piece for Saucony.

British Gas – Smart Vision

Directed by Ian Cross and Stuart Hilton, this film combines a live action performance with 2D and 3D animation.
Commissioned by Outside Line, with additional 3D animation by Pedro Panetta.

Synthetic Biology

A visual essay exploring the future technology of synthetic biology.
By Vasil Hnatiuk

Etereas / Animation Shortfilm

One dancer and a hula hoop.
Director: Daniela Villanueva, Mara Soler, Dancers: Brecken Rivara, Tiana Zoumer, Production: Csar Moheno Pl,Camera: Pamela Albarran, Music: Julian Placencia / Teen Flirt, Animation: Daniela Villanueva, Mara Soler, Alejandro Caballero, Marco Garfias, Fernando Sica, Luis Nez

Architecture of the future – Intel

Lovely mix of live action and superimposed CGI for Intel.


A scary futuristic vision of how augmented reality could influence our lives perhaps? Created by Keiichi Matsuda.

Paypal Fast, Simple and Secure

Paypal’s TV advert tracks doodles around the presenter to animate ideas in a fun sketchy way. A white, clean room behind gives it an airy, light feel.

Augmented reality – Bus Shelter

Pepsi Max surprised commuters in London with a series of augmented reality screenings and then putting this film together after their recording live reactions

Mini – Rocketman Concept

Plenty of ideas in this one from pop up books to 3D tracking, all explaining the new mini, all as a model on an inventor’s desk.

Face Substitution

Real time face-substitution by Kyle McDonald: Continue Reading →

Augmented Reality Map

Augmented reality is used to show and move around a 3-Dimensional map.

Battlefields as a prop

[flowplayer src=’http://td-sketchpad.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/FalklandBattlefields.mov’ width=600 height=338 splash=’http://td-sketchpad.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/battlefields.jpg’]
The Snows carry around their portfolio of battlefields together with some clever camera tracking and CGI work and a bit of ad libing and some hand waving.

Future Customer

A great little idea which was the brainchild of Robert Edmonds at Rocket Science Group. Graphics & compositing by TDD
[flowplayer src=’http://trainordavies.com/sketchpad/video/futureCustomer3.mp4′ width=660 height=371 splash=’http://td-sketchpad.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/futureCustomer.jpg’]