Manages to look low-tech and true to the retro however lots of CGI used. The story of vinyl records, designed & produced by Imaginary Forces.


This video was created to be released and shared during American Heart Month (February) to help bring awareness to heart disease and encourage Americans to move more.


No post production or VFX apparently, it’s all real. There’s an accompanying making of if you don’t believe me. Interesting results by Nigel Stanford.


Music video for the band Danger Beach by Ned Wenlock. 2D paper cut out strips are virtually curved around cylindrically to create a moving landscape. From here the video mixes textures and styles to create an engaging and narrative video.

Fight for Everyone – The Leisure Society

Music promo for The Leisure Society by Persistent Peril. Simple idea beautifully crafted, getting more complex and quirkier as the track builds.

Stuck in the Sound – Pursuit

Music video, using CGI and tracking to image map the singer’s face on to famous film clips.

Understand Music

Simple, in style and colour animation but with clever technicalities and expertly executed.

Sony Spin Countdown

Mixing simple live action with animation to create 10 small colourful numerical idents.

Royksopp – Remind Me

Another video looking like a 70s instructional manual, but nicely packaged and expertly done. I always like anything isometric.

Fell in Love with a Girl

The White Stripes’ video made of lego bricks.


Advertising using tracking and compositing of motion graphics and text to recreate science, music, mathematics and space.

Movida Corona

Simple camera movements on a well-lit 3D model provide slick visuals.

Jose Gonzales: Crosses

Music video using one static shot and layering in other VT throughout.

Crescendo by Mothership

Promotional video using extreme close-ups and camera angles with VFX to produce an moving journey through music.

OK Go – All is Not Lost

Clever use of Google Chrome. (Browser needed) OK Go mini-site

Star Guitar – Chemical Brothers

Clever and subtle use of repeated computer animation in to synchronise to a rhythm.

BUCK 65 'Superstars Don't Love'

Retro styled music video comprised of over 60 fictional movie title cards.

Studio Music

The pressure of being responsible for the studio music often tiptoes the fine line between kudos and embarrassment. Continue Reading →

Fujiya & Miyagi – Ankle Injuries

Music video using dominos to create the animation, in a kind of modern day pointilism.

Ninian Doff: Staring Out The Window

Music video combining a mixture of live action features, tracking human features on to crows.

Is Tropical

Music video mixing live action children with composited cartoon animation for a fun and playful outcome.