Goodsoil India

Good Soil is a non-profit organization dedicated to feeding and caring for the children of India.

Nespresso Mobile app

Another great piece from Quentin Baillieux (Parallel) with animation from Florent Remize. There’s a very continental retro styling here similar to the Pernod advert also on Sketchpad.

South Wales Metro

South Wales is getting a new metro system and Bomper studio have animated it’s proposed route through a white minimalist environment. Nice subtle animations and smooth camera moves makeĀ a technical subject a visually pleasing watch.

SBS Documentary

Different, almost unnoticeable take on the pop-up book idea. Nice tracking of a plane with complex CGI makes for a nice mix.

Integrated Infrastructure Planning Tool

Nice use of cross section maps from ‘Buildmedia’.

TSB commercials

Nice character animations and transitions using the water colour bleeds.

Black Ops 2

How the world might be viewed in 2025. Nice graphical representation of elements together.

Going the Distance

Map title sequence, simple idea nicely executed in a fun, crafted way by Imaginary Forces.

Weather system

Not sure you really need weather forecasting for the Arabian Gulf, but if you did this is the one.

American Civil War map sequences

Video installations at the Gettysburg National Military Park Museum.

Sustainable Investment Markets

Tracking data graphics over satellite imagery to get a sci-fi technological feel.

Map / Territory by Timo

Plane tracking is used effectively with overlayed graphics.

Satellite Car Chase

Inventive use of overlaying an animation of stiched together Google maps images.

Poland's Heritage

Presenting an exhibition in an exciting way, this Flash website brings life to old manuscripts.
Link to this website here.

Augmented Reality Map

Augmented reality is used to show and move around a 3-Dimensional map.

Street Summer: Channel 4

Channel 4 promo using Google Street View as a basis for inserting video into a static street scene.

Battlefields as a prop

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The Snows carry around their portfolio of battlefields together with some clever camera tracking and CGI work and a bit of ad libing and some hand waving.