Casus Boloss – Animation Collection

Casus Boloss (Stories of Conflicts in english) is a web-documentary which is dealing with geo-political issues.

We are the Giant

Lots of layers of political and social upheaval over the centuries are organised through what looks like a burning paper effect for the titles and graphics for director Greg Barker’s documentary, We Are The Giant, a Passion Pictures & Motto Pictures Production.

Creative Directed & Designed by Manija Emran. Produced by Mill Plus


Designed, animated and written by Chris Harmon to highlight the massive oil spill in the Gulf which so quickly left the news and we largely forgot about.

MPs: Are the still at it?

Quirky puppet style animation added a comical twist to the outrageous expenses scandal. Illustrative styling and cut out photos allowed a mix real people without being too liable for Channel 4.
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