Organic Machines

Beautifully crafted  title sequence by Beijing visual designer Zaoeyo (aka Xiaolin Zeng, aka Mike Zeng) detailing insects constructed with glassy, organic materials.


Branding idents for the tv channel with a high female demographic. Shiny things, lipsticks, handbags, all that stuff girls like.

The Boy with the Incredible Brain

Graphics from the documentary, focusing on light and refraction.

TWS Pitch

Pitched idea, coming from a reflective idea, emitting the images of sport off the dark black emerging cubes. By placing the sports footage in different 3D spaces the images reflected and combined on different surfaces.

Sky Idents

2009 Refraction idents by MoveMakeShake.

M6 Branding Idents

CGI glass logos added into different environments in order for a variety of branding tv channel idents.

Refraction – Jesse Zanzinger

Shot through oil and water to create reflections and simple refraction in a live action experiment.
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