Face Substitution

Real time face-substitution by Kyle McDonald: Continue Reading →

The Dashboard

The Dashboard

A Smörgåsbord of mini web activities.
Try for yourself.

OK Go – All is Not Lost

Clever use of Google Chrome. (Browser needed) OK Go mini-site

Introducing Google eBooks

eBooks are introduced by using CGI to look like stop frame animation in a colourful and playful way.

Moving Stills

An interesting technique using animated gif’s within a larger image to give the effect of realism. I guess its all about getting the loop to work. Check out the site ‘From me to You‘.

Studio Music

The pressure of being responsible for the studio music often tiptoes the fine line between kudos and embarrassment. Continue Reading →


I had two inspirations/influences behind this project. I’ve always been fascinated by the fact that history is sometimes if not always written by the winners, and that “every coin has 2 sides”; the second inspiration comes from stories told by my father and my grandmother.
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